Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two Multiple Choice Questions on Centre of Mass (For practice)

Here are two questions on centre of mass. These are meant for checking whether you have a clear idea of the concept of centre of mass:

(1) A boy weighing 40 kg is standing on a wooden log of mass 500 kg floating on still water in a lake. The distance of the boy from the shore is 12 m. The viscous force exerted by water on the wooden log may be neglected. If the boy walks slowly along the wooden log through 2 m towards the shore, the centre of mass of the system (wooden log and the boy) will move with respect to the shore through a distance

(a) 2 m (b) 1.25 m (c) 0.25 m (d) 0.16 m (e) zero

(2) A T-shaped object with dimensions shown in the figure, is lying on a smooth floor. A force F is applied at the point P parallel to AB, such that the object has only translational motion without rotation. Find the location of P with respect to C

(a) L
(b) 4L/3
(c) 3L/2
(d) 2L/3

This MCQ appeared in AIEEE 2005 question paper.

Try to find the answer to the above questions. If you have clear understanding of the centre of mass, you will be able to find the answers in a couple of minutes. I’ll be back with the solution shortly.

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