Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two Practice Questions (MCQ) on Electromagnetic Induction

Try to work out the following questions on electromagnetic induction:
(1) A search coil in the form of a plane circular copper loop of 10 turns and diameter 2 cm is held within a magnetic field of 20000 gauss, with the plane of the loop perpendicular to the magnetic field. The resistance of the search coil is 0.1 Ω. If the search coil is withdrawn from the magnetic field in a time span of 0.1s, the total charge (in coulomb) and the average current (in ampere) flowing during this time are respectively
(a) 0.1π, 0.5π (b) 0.2π, 2π (c) 0.2π, π
(d) 0.1π, π (e) 0.02π, 0.2π

(2) A triangular copper loop ABC is moving in its own plane with velocity ‘v’ in a uniform magnetic field acting perpendicular to the plane of the loop. If the direction of motion is perpendicular to the side AB of the loop, an electric field is induced
(a) in AB only
(b) in AC as well as BC, but not in AB
(c) in BC only
(d) in AB, AC and BC
(e) in no side of the loop
If you have mastered the basic points in electromagnetic induction, you will be able to answer the above questions in a couple of minutes. Try. I’ll be back shortly with the solution.

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