Monday, July 02, 2007

Multiple Choice Questions on Magnetism

I give you two questions (MCQ) from magnetism without solution. See whether you can work out these within five minutes. I’ll be back shortly with the solution.

(1) A thin, non-conducting rod of length ‘L’ is uniformly charged to have a linear charge density ‘λ’ from its mid point to one end (The other half of the rod is uncharged). The rod is rotated about an axis perpendicular to its length and passing through the other end with angular velocity ‘ω’. The magnetic dipole moment of the rotating rod is

(a) zero (b) λωL3/3 (c) λωL3/6

(d) 5λωL3/46 (e) 7λωL3/48

(2) A magnetic needle oscillates in a horizontal plane with a period ‘T’ at a place where the angle of dip is 30º. When the same needle is made to oscillate in a vertical plane coinciding with the magnetic meridian, its period will be

(a) T (b) T/√3 (c) T×√3 (d) T×31/4 (e) T×31/4

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