Monday, April 14, 2014

JEE (Main) 2014 Multiple Choice Question involving Gravitation and Circular Motion

“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world”.
– P. A. M. Dirac

The following question involving gravitation and circular motion appeared in JEE (Main) 2014 question paper:

Four particles, each of mass M and equidistant from each other, move along a circle of radius R under the action of their mutual gravitational attraction. The speed of each particle is

(1) √(GM/R)

(2) √(2√2 GM/R)

(3) √[(GM/R)(1+2√2)]

(4) (½)√[(GM/R)(1+2√2)]

The answer is (½)√[(GM/R)(1+2√2)] given in option (4).

This question was worked out in the post dated 6th January 2013 on this site. The statement of the question is slightly different; but the essential points are the same. Click here to see the solution (Question No. 2 in the post)

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