Friday, July 25, 2008

AIPMT 2008 Questions on Newton’s Laws of Motion

The following questions which appeared in All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT) 2008 are worth noting:

(i) A shell of mass 200 g is ejected from a gun of mass 4 kg by an explosion that generates 1.05 kJ of energy. The initial velocity of the shell is

(1) 80 ms–1

(2) 40 ms–1

(3) 120 ms–1

(4) 100 ms–1

This question is meant for testing your grasp of the laws of conservation of momentum and energy. If v and V represent the initial velocity of the shell of mass m and the recoil velocity of the gun of mass M respectively, we have (from the law of conservation of momentum)

mv + MV = 0 from which V = (m/M)v = (0.2/4)v = v/20 ms–1

[The negative sign shows that the recoil velocity of the gun is opposite to the velocity of the shell].

The energy of the explosion is used to impart kinetic energy to the shell and the gun so that we have

½ (mv2 + MV2) = 1.05×103

Or, ½ [0.2 v2 + (4v2/400 )] = 1.05×103

This gives v2 = 104 so that v = 100 ms–1.

(ii) Sand is being dropped on a conveyor belt at the rate of M kg/s. The force necessary to keep the belt moving with a constant velocity of v ms–1 will be

(1) 2Mv newton

(2) Mv/2 newton

(3) zero

(4) Mv newton

Since there is a time rate of change of momentum equal to Mv per second, the force required is Mv Newton.

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